Business as Usual or Should We Move into New Roads to Achieve Net Zero?

Nicole Lummis
April 22, 2024

In this SUSTx 2022 session, we bring together experts from Natwest, Nesta, Food and Drink Federation and Energy Saving Trust to discuss strategies to achieve net-zero goals.

The Experts in net-zero

Discussing all things net-zero strategy, we brought the following experts to the SUSTx Virtual stage:

  • Allan Whickham, Head of Climate Own Operations, NatWest
  • Andrew Sissons, Deputy Director, Nesta
  • Emma Piercy, Head of Climate Change and Energy Policy, Food and Drink Federation
  • Inga Jirgensone, Group Head of Business Development, Energy Saving Trust

Topics discussed

  • What to do first thing in the morning? Daily strategies, while moving to zero, that works for businesses of all sizes.
  • What to do about carbon-intensive activities: A change of path
  • Energy efficiency: Making decarbonisation work

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