How to demonstrate sustainability leadership and change our organisations' culture

Nicole Lummis
July 8, 2024

Take a look back at our most-watched session at SUSTx 2022, on demonstrating sustainability leadership and changing organisational culture.

The importance of sustainability leadership

A key topic we addressed at the SUSTx Sustainability Summit 2022 was sustainability leadership. We found this topic imperative to explore, as we see business leaders under more and more pressure to improve their triple bottom line (people, planet, and profit).

Societal and governmental expectations around business and sustainability have increased that pressure and now business leaders must think about how they can shift the culture in their organisation and guide their business to becoming more sustainable.

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The experts on sustainability leadership

It came as no surprise when we found our most-watched session at SUSTx 2022 was our all-female panel discussion on “How to Demonstrate Sustainability Leadership and Change Our Organisations' Culture”. In this session, we saw a range of speakers from multiple sectors discussing sustainability leadership, including:

• Jemma Waters, Head of Responsible Transformation, Lloyds Banking Group
• Judith Everett, Executive Director, The Crown Estate
• Marleen Oberheide, ESG Solutions Engineer, OneTrust
• Sarah Mukherjee, CEO, Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment
• Rachel Everard, Head of Sustainability, Rolls-Royce

Our five experts came together to discuss purpose-driven strategies for the sustainability journey, integrating sustainability strategies within the organisation, the importance of internal and external collaboration, and how to build a robust sustainability culture and engage stakeholders.

How to demonstrate sustainability leadership

Watch the full session on “How to Demonstrate Sustainability Leadership and Change Our Organisations' Culture” below.


We were delighted to see how many business leaders attended this session which is a testament to the commitment those leaders have to create change and improve sustainability in their organisation. We hope you take away as much from this session as our SUSTx delegates, including the attendee who gave this feedback:

"My favourite session: How to demonstrate sustainability leadership and change our organisations’ culture. All speakers were really engaging and provided practical steps towards engagement."

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