SUSTx Digital Series: How can technology help create more sustainable businesses and organisations?

Nicole Lummis
July 8, 2024

Take a look at the first installment of the SUSTx Digital Series which took place on 9th June 2022. This episode saw experts from Innovation Gateway, Ericsson, UCL, and The Open Earth Foundation discussing the role of technology in achieving business sustainability goals.

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Innovation and Tech for Sustainability

Tech and innovation have been a major growth driver of sustainability and are set to play a bigger role still in the transition to net-zero.

As such, we invited sustainability experts to discuss how businesses and organisations can use technology to help become more sustainable.

Expert speakers include:

  • Matt Pumfrey, CEO, Innovation Gateway
  • Pernilla Bergmark, Principal Researcher ICT Sustainability Impacts, Ericsson
  • Katherine Foster, Director / Member, Open Earth Foundation / Expert Panel EU Blockchain Observatory
  • Dr. Maria Perez Ortiz, Assistant Professor, UCL

Key discussion topics:

  • How to deal with uncertainty around new technology
  • The best and most effective technological investments to make
  • Developing a collaborative approach between sustainability and tech departments.

Watch the full session on 'How can technology help create more sustainable businesses and organisations?' below.