How to Tell your Sustainable Story Right. Sustainability Comms and Marketing

Nicole Lummis
July 8, 2024

In this SUSTx 2022 session, we hear experts from The Crown Estate, The Competition Markets Authority, BCS The Chartered Institute for IT, Chartered Institute of Marketing and Ipsos MORI.

The Green Claims Code

The Green Claims Code was put in place in September 2021 to prevent businesses from making misleading environmental claims about their products and services. The purpose of this was to protect consumers from misleading claims and businesses from unfair competition. Although this protection prevents 'greenwashing' from taking place, it means organisations must be careful with their environmental claims or they could face legal action.

How to tell your sustainability story right

This SUSTx 2022 session covers to communicate your sustainability story the right way, including:

  • Sustainability messaging; how to tell different audiences what are we doing right.
  • The G-word. Avoiding greenwashing and mitigating reputational risks
  • Sustainability messaging in-house. How to engage everyone in the organisations’ sustainability journey through comms

The experts in sustainable marketing and communications

This panel discussion brings together four experts from across sectors, to discuss how to tell an organisation's sustainability story the right way. Experts include:

  • Ben Clifton, Head of Communications, The Crown Estate
  • Cecilia Parker-Aranha, Director - Consumer Group - Competition Markets Authority
  • Gemma Butler, Marketing Director, Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM)
  • Karen Fraser, Senior Director of Consumer & Brands, Ipsos MORI

Watch the full session below:

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