From Intent to Impact: How Procurement Teams are Reducing Scope 3 Emissions

Nicole Lummis
April 22, 2024

Catch the SUSTx 2022 sponsored session with procurement leaders on reducing scope 3 emissions.

What are Scope 3 emissions?

Greenhouse gas emissions are categorised into three scopes. Scope 3 emissions are the emissions that occur as a result of the company's supply chain.

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The experts on reducing Scope 3 emissions

In this session, David Rae, Chief Product Officer at Procurement Leaders, and Søren Busk, Vice President of VELUX discuss 'From Intent to Impact: How Procurement Teams are Reducing Scope 3 Emissions'.

David and Søren cover the following topics:

  • Framework for reducing supplier greenhouse gas emissions
  • Real-world examples from teams leading the way
  • Demonstrating a return on investment on decarbonisation programs

How procurement teams are reducing Scope 3 emissions

This session was sponsored and delivered by Procurement Leaders. Procurement Leaders provides strategy development and peer-to-peer benchmarking for Chief Procurement Officers and their leadership teams. Powered by a syndicated member and sponsor community of 775+ leading global companies, Procurement Leaders inspires 35,000+ senior leaders to make faster, more informed decisions and follow proven paths to success.

The insights from this session came from Procurement Leader's CPO Compass. Find out more about Procurement Leaders and how they can help your organisation here.

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