Reshaping Our Organisations: Moving Forward, Moving Greener

Nicole Lummis
July 8, 2024

Take a look at this session with experts from the Say Do Company, Lawyers for Net-Zero and National Trust.

Reshaping our organisations for sustainability

Doing well by doing good is a term used widely in business today and references the financial success that can be gained through achieving social responsibility and sustainability.

A key topic we addressed at the SUSTx Sustainability Summit 2022 was reshaping organisations for sustainability, with the aim of doing well by doing good. With so many factors contributing to a 'sustainable' organisation, we asked our experts to explore how organisations can change the way they do things whilst still achieving financial success.

The experts on reshaping organisations for sustainability

On day 5 of the SUSTx 2022, we brought together three sustainability and net-zero experts to discuss  “Reshaping Our Organisations: Moving Forward, Moving Greener”. In this session, we saw a range of speakers from multiple sectors discussing reshaping the organisation, including:

  • Adam Woodhall, CEO, Lawyers for Net-Zero
  • Alice Bordini Staden, Investment Committee Member, National Trust
  • Alison Phillips, Co-founder, The Say Do Company

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Our three experts came together to discuss the following key points:

  • What to do when we start our journey: involving stakeholders on day to day sustainable efforts
  • Understanding the organisational change challenges, barriers, and opportunities
  • Achieving successful organisations: doing well by doing good

Watch the full session in the video below.

This session was sponsored by the Say Do Company. Say Do is a business change practice, pioneering a ground-breaking new approach that helps business leaders drive profit by creating synergy between commercial performance and sustainability. Using an unrivaled combination of customer insight, business change management and sustainability expertise, they work with companies to discover, define and quantify the value of sustainability and to facilitate a data-driven process of manageable change that delivers a measurable return on investment. To find out more about Say Do Company, click here.

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