Supporting ESG Through Smart Tailored Bus Services

Nicole Lummis
July 8, 2024

Join our sponsors, Zeelo, discussing how you can support ESG through smart, tailored bus services.

About Zeelo

Zeelo is the smart bus platform for organizations, providing flexible turn-key and plug-in transportation programs for commuting, shuttles and school runs.

Zeelo connects organizations with vetted fleet operators via a mobile app and best-in-class operational tools. It offers route planning and optimisation software to control costs and target areas poorly served by public transit. Riders, organizations and fleet operators get access to 24/7 support, operational monitoring and contact tracing safety tools.

Meet the experts

Speaking on the session are:

  • Barak Sas, Head of Corporate Development, Zeelo

  • Ben Bhattal, Business Development Director, Zeelo

Supporting ESG through smart tailored bus services

In this session Zeelo discusses how they support ESG through smart tailored bus services, allowing better commuting options for employees, supports improved recruitment & employee retention and alleviates parking pressures while contributing to organisations' ESG goals and sustainability efforts.