Strategic Visions to Achieve a Sustainable Supply Chain

Nicole Lummis
April 22, 2024

In this SUSTx 2022 session, we hear experts from DHL Deutsch Post, Save the Children, Radisson Hotel Group and Bayer discussing strategic visions to achieve a sustainable supply chain.

The expert session covers all aspects of sustainable supply chain and procurement and addresses the following key questions:

  • Is Procurement’s ambition for Sustainability ambitious enough?
  • Strategies to embed Sustainability to the core of our procurement team’s and our supplier’s decision making?
  • Which Sustainability practices will drive true impact ‘on environmental’?
  • Which Sustainability practices will drive true impact ‘on economic, social and governance?

Expert speakers include:

  • Anna Spinelli, Chief Procurement Officer, DHL Deutsche Post
  • Jim Ridgwick, Global Head of Procurement, Save the Children
  • Maria Madrid, Vice President Strategic Sourcing EMEA, Radisson Hotel Group
  • Thomas Udesen, Chief Procurement Officer, Bayer

Watch the full session below: