SUSTx Digital Series: Sustainable Finance Regulation in the UK and Europe – A Burden or Opportunity?

Nicole Lummis
April 22, 2024

Take a look at the fifth instalment of the SUSTx Digital Series which took place on 20th October 2022. This episode was sponsored by Cority and saw expert speakers from Cority, Reporting21, and Substance Over Form, discussing UK and EU Sustainable Finance Regulation.

All over the world, regulatory initiatives are taking shape to avoid greenwashing and to help funnel much-needed funding into sustainable economic activities.

In this webinar, we look at two of the most advanced:

- The EU Sustainable Finance regulations under the European Green Deal and...
- The UK Green Finance Strategy

In a sense, both are very much alike and a little different – alike in that both seek to enable comparability, objectivity, measurability, and transparency; a little different in that the UK Green Finance Strategy seeks to establish a labeling system for financial products while the EU SFDR has no such intentions, and in that the UK is considering measuring at the product level, while the EU regulation focuses on economic activities and financial products.

The good news is that the UK’s regulation will probably align to a large extent with the EU’s: Many UK firms are active across borders, and it is His Majesty’s Treasury’s intent not to burden them with double reporting. However, the bad news is both frameworks require extensive data collection and will add piles of work onto desks from Helsinki to Lisbon, from Edinburgh to Warsaw.

But is that actually bad news? Doesn’t more data equal more knowledge? Didn’t Francis Bacon teach us that knowledge is power? So, having scraped all that data from clients, investees, manufacturing sites, offices, and subsidiaries, how do we transform it into power? And what kind of power exactly?

Join Cority’s Antje Fuchs and Alex Hardwick, Reporting21's Laura Arnaud and Substance Over Form's Jegor Tokarevik in this replay which detects weaknesses, identifies opportunities, and provides knowledge for organisations to become more resilient and sustainable.

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