SUSTx successfully builds a community of sustainability leaders

Nicole Lummis
April 22, 2024

The SUSTx Sustainability Summit 2022 launch event took place over 5 days from 24th – 28th January and was a huge success for the 3100+ delegates who registered.

We are proud to report that there were 2,876 attendees throughout the week. It has been an honour to serve such a large audience for our launch event and we look forward to continuing to help organisations on the road to net-zero.

The main goal for SUSTx was to create a community of sustainability leaders and connect professionals from across sectors. We feel we achieved this with the impressive level of networking and engagement from our delegates. There was 4,569 connection requests sent, 5,408 messages exchanged, and almost 3,000 discussions created around advancing sustainability goals in the UK.

We were also pleased to see 95% of attendees watched sessions live, which suggests that the agenda, and the content delivered by our expert line-up of speakers addressed key issues in sustainability and net-zero.

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Our most watched session was on “How to Demonstrate Sustainability Leadership and Change Our Organisations' Culture”. Here, we saw a range of speakers from across sectors discussing sustainability leadership, including:

• Jemma Waters, Head of Responsible Transformation, Lloyds Banking Group
• Judith Everett, Executive Director, The Crown Estate
• Marleen Oberheide, ESG Solutions Engineer, OneTrust
• Sarah Mukherjee, CEO, Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment
• Rachel Everard, Head of Sustainability, Rolls-Royce

Our five experts came together to discuss purpose-driven strategies for the sustainability journey, integrating sustainability strategies within the organisation, the importance of internal and external collaboration, and how to build a robust sustainability culture and engage stakeholders.

The vast attendance at this session provides hope for the future of business and shows the level of engagement organisation leaders have in sustainability, and their desire to drive change in their organisations. Other popular sessions included:

• Strategic Visions to Achieve a Sustainable Supply Chain
• Circular Economy: Re-design, Re-use, Re-cycle
• Decarbonisation and Energy Transition: Powering Transformation

This is just the beginning for SUSTx as we continue to support organisations to achieve their sustainability and net-zero goals throughout the remainder of 2022 and beyond. We will be launching several events this year, including the SUSTx Technology Summit, SUSTx Procurement Summit, and SUSTx Training Courses. The date for SUSTx 2023 has also been confirmed. The sustainability summit will be taking place in person at the QEII Centre in January 2023. We hope to see you there!

If you’d like to join a growing community of sustainability experts in the UK and find out about news and updates for future SUSTx events, subscribe to SUSTx here.

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