Utilising Innovation for a Smarter, More Competitive, Resilient and Sustainable Supply Chain & Procurement

Nicole Lummis
April 22, 2024

Watch our sponsored session on how you can utilise innovation to create a smarter, more competitive, resilient, and sustainable supply chain and procurement.

The importance of sustainable supply chain and procurement

For an organisation to be truly sustainable, they cannot only focus on their carbon footprint and sustainability practices, the full supply chain must be addressed, meaning procurement professionals are under increasing amounts of pressure to monitor the social, economic, and legal concerns of their suppliers.

The experts on innovation and sustainable supply chain and procurement

Day 3 of the SUSTx Sustainability Summit 2022 focused on sustainable supply chain and procurement. In this session we looked at how organisations and procurement professionals can start 'Utilising Innovation for a Smarter, More Competitive, Resilient and Sustainable Supply Chain & Procurement'. For this session, we invited three procurement and sustainability experts from leading organisations to discuss the topic in depth. Experts included:

  • Gillian Garside-Wight, Sustainability Partner, Sun Strategy
  • John Higgins CBE, President, BCS The Chartered Institute for IT
  • Sarah Middlemiss, Chief Operating Officer and Head of Space, Ecometrica


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Our three experts covered the following topics on innovation, sustainability and supply chain, and procurement:

  • Innovations on supply chain management: New business models and disruptive ideas from and for the private and public sectors
  • How AI, IoT, big data advanced analytics, and other technologies are helping us to make making smarter, more transparent, and sustainable decisions
  • Innovative designs for the whole supply chain cycle

Watch the full session below.

This session was sponsored by Sun Strategy. Sun Strategy is a multi-disciplined packaging consultancy working with global brands and retailers to deliver innovative, sustainable, and measurable solutions. They are determined to transform the global approach to sustainable packaging. Find out more about Sun Strategy.

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